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In 2000 I had a bad reaction to Aspirin. In 2001 I was admitted to the Emergency Room at the local Hospital with Anaphylaxis brought on after a Doctor prescribed me Bruffen for a back injury. Hard to believe that one tiny pill could cause so much pain and suffering.

My Doctor told me I was suffering from ASA TRIAD also known as Samters Triad. It has been very difficult to find out about this condition.

I was unaware of the many everyday foods and other products that can seriously affect my health - from mild itching and irritation to swollen eyes, mouth, face, loss of vision and severe abdominal pain.

I am now on a negligible salicylate diet. This means my diet is extremely limited (dare I say boring) but if it helps arrest my nasal polyps and give me a week free from runny nose, upset stomach, nausea and headaches Im willing to give it a go.

I have created this website to share what I have learned, unfortunately mainly through trial and error. You will find the story of my experiences on the Diary Page.

I will add links and information as I find them.

I hope something you find here will benefit you or at least point you in the right direction.



Please note: I am not a doctor and have no medical knowledge whatsoever. Anything you find on this website is merely as a result of my own experiences. If you suspect you are suffering from any condition mentioned here please consult a trained medical practitioner.


September 2009

I was put on a course of prednisolone steroid in November 2008 by my asthma consultant (I dont suffer from asthma at all as long as I take SERETIDE, Montelukast and cetirizine daily). Initially on 40mg (tablets) a day for a week then decreasing by 10mg per week and from the fourth week onwards I took 5mg (1 tablet) per day.

I noticed a big change half way through the second week. I began to get my sense of smell back. Basically I havent been able to smell since I had my first surgery to remove the nasal polyps in 2005.

By week 3 I could smell most things and everything tasted great. Unfortunately the maintenance dose oif 5mg wasnt enough to keep the polyps in check and they slowly came back and within 2 more weeks my sense of smell was gone.

Around April I was given a nasal spray which caused a reaction and the polyps came back with a vengeance along with the associated problems such as blocked nose, nose infections, asthma, headaches, lack of sleep, sore throat in the morning (sleeping with mouth open) lethargy (lack of sleep) and poor concentration and sinus / eye pain.

Cue a different consultant prescribing same treatment. This time my sense of smell came back sooner, was stronger and lasted longer but only till the 5th week. Just long enough for me to try every delicious food and drink I could find before I lost smell and taste.

So, Im back to square one. My ENT consultant put me off his books as the problem wasnt so acute when I last saw him and told me to stop the steroids. That was due to the first consultant at the asthma clinic putting me on steroids. So now Im off the steroids and taking a steroidal nasal spray called Nasonex. My polyps are back but my low salicylate diet (allergy consultant took me off negligible and upped me to low salicylate diet Yippee!) appears to be slowing their development.

My allergy consultant also gave me a skin test. Im allergic to animals, strawberries, perfume and pollen and very allergic to dust mites. Im not allergic to latex. I told him about my bad reaction to Irn Bru and was told that is not uncommon in allergy sufferers.

So due to my steroid intake I now have to go for Bone Density Scans as steroids I was given apparently can cause osteoperosis and a range of other things relating to gene mutation (from what I can gather) and Glaucoma. Will keep you posted (if I can still see my monitor!).





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